Amazing Sale iCog Dione 5SB Steampunk Wood Case for iPhone 5s On Save Price.

iCog Dione 5SB Steampunk Wood Case for iPhone 5s Feature

  • Made to Order: 2 Weeks (see shipping and handling period)
  • Hand-made Traditional Wood Frame Construction
  • Rich Felted Interior and Hand Rubbed Stained Wood Exterior
  • Hand made Steel Copper and Brass Metal Decorations
  • Fully Functional Mechanical Buttons and Spring Entry Gate

Product Detail

iCog Dione 5SB Steampunk Case for iPhone 5s
((( MADE TO ORDER : 2 WEEKS ))))

This case has a copper decoration in the style known as “Boilerplate Mk. II,” The old “Boilerplate” style used for iPhone 4s has been officially retired for good (see bottom picture for comparison); the Boilerplate Mk. I is on the left, and the Boilerplate Mk. II is on the right (both for iPhone 4/4s); this advertisement is for the Mk. II on the right hand side but made for the iPhone 5.

Named after the ancient pre-Classic Greek goddess Dione, and intended to be the “smart-phone” nod to the Oracle cults, this is an item for the discerning Lady or Gentleman who wishes to remain anachronistically proper while enjoying the benefits of living in the 21st century.

NOTE: This is a Steampunk Case for use with the Apple® iPhone® 5. The case does NOT fit Versions 1 / 3 / 3GS or 4/4s of the iPhone®

The case is hand-rubbed with English Walnut finish, and I used a Cranberry-Apple felt to cushion the phone. A spring operated trap door locks open to let the phone in and to allow access to the USB power adapter chord, and shuts like a “mousetrap’ with a slight push, which I think gives the case a truly “antiquarian” 19th Century feel.

The reverse of the iCog DioneTM, Version 5.0B Mk. II “Boilerplate,” features a derivative of the original iCog LidTM copper-sculpture on the back. Please note the rear of the case is designed to accommodate various decorations other than those shown, and I will soon have ANOTHER version of the Dione with a “metal-lace” backplate (V. 5.0D “Diana,” see the other items in my store or please send me an inquiry). The “Boilerplate” version is also more expensive because its two different projects rolled into one (Dione “Basic” + “iCog LidTM” ). If you have any requests, however please send me a message as perhaps you might have an idea for a custom commission!! o_Q.

Customer Review

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