Discount Sale Shockcase Red Pistol Grip iPhone 5 Case For Offer Price.

Shockcase Red Pistol Grip iPhone 5 Case Feature

  • PATENT PENDING shock isolation & energy dispersion engineered.
  • Extremely rugged. Can withstand Arctic and/or scorching desert temperatures.
  • Individually Handcrafted – Genuine artisan crafted – uncommon – unique – limited quantity.
  • Non-toxic, recyclable, odorless and SOFT.
  • Shipped by Amazon Warehouse

Product Detail

The Shockcase Pistol Grip has a reassuring grip that won’t slip away. It carries a carefully engineered proprietary patent pending shock isolation & energy dispersion physics technology. Its beautiful, rugged, weatherable textures. The showcase is a recyclable, odorless and a SOFT pellet mix. Slam it down – it bounces like CRAZY~ without breakage – really! Individually handmade, and difficult and expensive to hand craft. When you see a Shockcase, and they are big and easy to spot, you won’t confuse a genuine artisan handcrafted Shockcase with a common cheap-brand-name case which was mindlessly stamped-out, which relies on a flimsy slimy-feeling cadaver-skin “shock pad”, and which are valiantly flogged as… Purportedly “shock absorbent”. Showcase began as a thoughtful (drop ful) process, driven by design, a case that required two years to make perfect. The artist behind Shockcase’s design driven inventions had to invent many new industrial machines and methods with which to make this case – possible. It was said that inventing our Shockcase, in the beginning – was a creative impossibility. Our technical demands went beyond the limits of current craftsmanship technology – Shockcase is a one-piece marvel. Today we are pleased to announce that we have finally succeeded in achieving the finest quality, most reliable, toughest and softest case in the world – as well as the toughest weathering pellet mix material on the planet, and, in our opinion – attributes that make our case the finest and most fun case for your iPhone, one which has a terrific shock absorption, luxurious softness – and for good measure – a solid fun bounce that will make everyone laugh when you drop or throw it!

Customer Review

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