Great Sale Duralumin A7075 Curvacios Bumper for iPhone 5 / 5S White On Last Price.

Duralumin A7075 Curvacios Bumper for iPhone 5 / 5S White Feature

  • “Hyper ultimate duralumin A7075″ achieved the ultra lightness of 18g.
  • Your hand sweat will evaporate instantly, so the fingerprint will never been left on the surface of the case.
  • Since dye compound penetrate deep into the material, the case is resistant to scratching and peeling.
  • This case is made with a concentration of professional expertise of Japanese experts, so this is the ultimate made-in-Japan product.

Product Detail

CURVACIOUS BUMPER made with Extra Super Duralumin (Aluminium Alloy 7075)
We decided to create a “Curvacious Bumper” with excellent holding comfortableness like iPhone3G (The best Design/Style iPhone ever) to change the squared form of iPhone5/5s. With “Curvacious Bumper” we full remodeled the feelings of iPhone5/5s. The features such as the touch feeling cling tightly to the skin (Like a baby skin feeling), the fineness want to be expressed as “unification” and the rounded shape naturally fit in our hand will give you a totally different impression from your iPhone5/5s.

Back story of “Curvacious Bumper”
Getting the “Bumper” into production was a continuous process of trial and error. “Curvacious Bumper” is made with Aluminium alloy 7075 which it’s often use in transport applications, including marine, automotive and aviation, due to its high strength-to density ratio. We thought that, its strength and light weight was desirable for our ideal “Bumper”. However, the nuisance design of the “Bumper” thinnest part is mere 0.4mm, and the low cost efficiency made many technical experts decline the project. This bumper was materialized by those who pursue their dreams and the comprehensive technology of Japanese expertise. All we can say is “It is impossible to imitate this special Bumper” because the craftsmen who make this “Bumper” have very unique technology and they put all those unique Technique together to create this “Bumper”. Japanese skillful craftsmen’s intelligent, ability and challenges made those beautiful colors, silhouette and quality. Without their effort and challenges, we never could release this “Curvacious Bumper”. To maintain the highest level of “Made in Japan” quality, we can produce only a 300 sets a month. This is the ultimate “Made in Japan” blended incomparable craftsmanship.

We wish you to experience the silky touch and feel the lightness, fitting in your palm and harmony of iPhone5/5s.
This is our answer to the iPhone5/5s.

Customer Review

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